That Conference 2016 - How'd it go?

That Conference 2016 was a rousing success, That Robotics / IoT Lab gave attendees another chance to experiment with Vex IQ and the Raspberry Pi. What would we do differently next time?

Wish List Processing with Azure Service Fabric

Santa was an Azure early adopter, but his Web and Worker roles don't utilize the resources he is paying for as well as he'd like. The elves went to work and proposed a solution leveraging Azure Service Fabric. All the North Pole denizens want to make sure those on Santa's nice list get their wishes fulfilled this year.
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That Conference 2016 - Let's Get Excited!

That Conference 2016 is just around the corner, and Early Bird ticket sales end May 1st, 2016. Buy tickets now and you can save $100 on this fantastic family-friendly conference, so bring yourself, your family and your co-workers to this amazing experience. Did I mention there was bacon?

Tiny Epic Galaxies - A Review

I was recently afforded the opportunity to play a prototype of Tiny Epic Galaxies by Scott Almes [published by Gamelyn Games], read on to find out about the game and why you might want to back the Kickstarter in January 2015!
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