Ben Gavin

Ben Gavin

I've been developing software and tinkering with technolgy since the days of the TI-94A and audio tape storage. These days I focus primarily on Microsoft technologies for my day to day work, and am beginning to dabble in Robot-C using the recently released Vex IQ robotics system. I love most things technology related, and while that does tend to lead to ADHD-like symptoms, it helps keep things interesting.


  • Robotics Camp [That Conference 2014]

    This 3-Day family track session / open space is an introduction to the Vex IQ Robotics system, and will cover the basics of the system. We'll outline the tools available and allow you to spend hands-on time with some Vex IQ Robots. After the initial overview / demo, we will be presenting the goals of the camp and assigning campers to teams. Teams will work throughout the conference to build and program a Vex IQ robot to perform specific tasks to earn badges along their path to robotics mastery.

    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • Day 3
    • Slides (Not Yet Available)
    • Sample Code (Not Yet Available)
  • Expanding your Backpack with Windows Azure Storage

    Is your development toolset ready for the cloud? Windows Azure provides a solid set of storage technologies that, when used properly, can open the door for new experiences within your applications. In this session, we'll walk through a series of sample usage scenarios that leverage Blobs, Tables and Queues to enhance the user experience for a sample Windows 8 store application. We'll talk about how you can structure your data to take best advantage of the storage types that Windows Azure provides, and how to avoid some common pitfalls that can prevent Windows Azure from helping you deliver on your reliability and scalability goals. By the end of the session, you should have some concrete ideas on how you can leverage Windows Azure storage technologies to make your applications and services great.

  • TPLemmings: Fun with the Task Parallel Library

    -- Slides, code and abstract pending --

Speaker Profile

  • Benjamin Gavin

    Ben is a Senior Software Engineer at Skyline Technologies and has been writing software for the web and beyond for over 20 years [but doesn't feel old enough for that to be true]. He loves learning and experimenting with technology, mentoring other developers and sharing what he can with the communities and people who have taught him so much over the years. His current focus is primarily around the Microsoft technology stack, including C#, Azure, Windows 8 and Windows Phone and helping his customers get the best solution for their needs.