In my spare time, and as part of various 'DevCamp' / 'GiveCamp' events, I've contributed to a number of applications / websites that are available publically. Below you'll find a sampling of those applications.

  • Game Manager - Soccer

    • Windows Store
    • UserVoice

      This free Windows 8 [Modern UI / Metro / etc] application helps coaches manage their teams and keeps basic stats about play time, player availability, etc. Version 2.0 now supports management of multiple independent teams.

  • Riverview Gardens

    • Web Site
    • Windows Store
    • iTunes Store
    • Play Store

      Riverview Gardens is a socially innovative, self-supporting venture that engages Fox Valley [WI] residents in community stewardship of a market garden enterprise, community park space, and job training program while enhancing the missions of local outreach organizations and building financial resources to help address root causes of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment.

      I was part of the team that built the website and backend services that power the volunteer management and various mobile applications. These guys do great work, go and check them out.

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