That Conference 2016 - How'd it go?

That Conference 2016 was a rousing success, That Robotics / IoT Lab gave attendees another chance to experiment with Vex IQ and the Raspberry Pi. What would we do differently next time?

Wish List Processing with Azure Service Fabric

Santa was an Azure early adopter, but his Web and Worker roles don't utilize the resources he is paying for as well as he'd like. The elves went to work and proposed a solution leveraging Azure Service Fabric. All the North Pole denizens want to make sure those on Santa's nice list get their wishes fulfilled this year.
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That Conference 2016 - Let's Get Excited!

That Conference 2016 is just around the corner, and Early Bird ticket sales end May 1st, 2016. Buy tickets now and you can save $100 on this fantastic family-friendly conference, so bring yourself, your family and your co-workers to this amazing experience. Did I mention there was bacon?

Tiny Epic Galaxies - A Review

I was recently afforded the opportunity to play a prototype of Tiny Epic Galaxies by Scott Almes [published by Gamelyn Games], read on to find out about the game and why you might want to back the Kickstarter in January 2015!
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Windows 8 DevCamp Postmortem

Our team took on the challenge of building a Windows 8 application over a weekend, read on to find out how things turned out and what we'd do different next time.
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Migrating to the Orchard

In this post I discuss migrating my Blog from BlogEngine.NET to Orchard, an open source content management system utilizing ASP.NET MVC.
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TPL Dataflow–An [Extremely Short] Introduction

In this post I walk through the basics of the Task Parallel Library's Dataflow [TDF] components. My 2012 Fox Valley Day of .NET talk was based on using these components to build a simple lemmings-style 'game'.
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Binding Flagged Enumerations

Here I walk through a possible solution for binding a flagged enumeration to a series of checkboxes in WPF.
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Creating a bootable Win8 VHD from the #BldWin USB Drive

In this post I walk through the process for putting the goods from that shiny new USB stick you got from the inaugural //BUILD 2011 conference onto a bootable VHD so you can run it on your laptop / desktop / etc.
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WPF DataGrid Drag & Drop Behavior

WPF has Drag & Drop support, but leveraging it effectively can sometimes be a bit tricky. Here I walk through a relatively straightforward approach to getting it all working in an Model-View-ViewModel application.
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WCF RIA Services Regeneration - Can we get a better story please?

Regenerating the WCF RIA Services artifacts in a Silverlight / Web project can be hair-raising at times. In this post I walk through what our team uses to help alleviate these headaches, and suggest that the out-of-box process really needs to be improved to support these scenarios and allow for rapid iteration.
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